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Video camera operator working with his equipment at indoor event. Cameraman silhouette at

Multi-Camera Live Video Production

Event Stream offers everything needed to capture professional-quality, multi-camera live video, and audio. Multi-camera packages include an HD video switcher with support for 20 cameras, graphics, PowerPoint, lower thirds, IMAG, instant replay, and many other features to give your event video the professional touch. For sound acquisition, we offer a full range of wireless and wired microphone packs or we can work with your existing A/V team to patch into an external audio mixer.

Live Streaming

TV engineer at editor in studio. TV editor working with vision mixer in a television broad

Event Stream has built a next-generation webcasting platform from the ground up, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and performance. We understand the complexities of live broadcasting and have developed a custom solution to deal with the many unique challenges of web streaming.

Your video content is encoded and distributed to viewers all over the world through our global content delivery network (CDN). If you do not have your own video crew, our production team is available to deliver professional, multi-camera HD video capture, video switching and live graphics. In instances where bandwidth is not available onsite, we have access to high-speed satellite and cellular uplink solutions. With have built a multiplicity of backups and redundancies into our workflow, ensuring your live broadcast will be a success.

Video Production

Behind the scenes of filming films or video products and the film crew of the film crew on

From concept to delivery, Event Stream produces visually stunning, emotionally compelling, shareable videos that inspire, entertain and convert. Our high-touch approach helps drive the growth of visionary, purpose-driven brands across the world.

We produce branded content videos that create authentic connections with viewers, whether that is by entertaining them, showing them how a product works, or giving them a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of a company.

We do that by putting ourselves in the target audience's shoes, listening for beyond what we already know about our clients, and using our clients’ unique strengths and stories to springboard video content creation.

Graphics, Lower-Thirds and Animations

Young Handsome Graphic designer using graphics tablet to do his work at desk.jpg

Professional graphics and titles not only improve the production value of your broadcast, but they also aid audience comprehension and promote engagement and brand awareness. Event Stream has access to top graphic designers and can produce custom logos, animations and titles to be incorporated into your live production. We work both in-house, as well as through our sister site, Reel-to-Real Video Solutions to provide fast turnaround on time-sensitive projects. Basic graphic support is included in many of our broadcast packages, while more complex solutions may be purchased as an add-on service.


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